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 i'm the new guy!

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PostSubject: i'm the new guy!   i'm the new guy! Icon_minitimeFri May 10, 2013 12:24 am

How's it going guys, I'm Fire or you may know me as Herp McDerp (I'll be changing my name soon). Thought it'd be cool to get back into the game and thankfully I found a clan who can teach me the basics again. It's gonna be great meeting you guys! Add me on Steam (Dukie808 for add)! I pledge my allegiance to the Dark Side under the Sith Order.
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i'm the new guy! Empty
PostSubject: Re: i'm the new guy!   i'm the new guy! Icon_minitimeFri May 10, 2013 12:28 am

Welcome Fire! JSO's main focus as a clan revolves around skill with a lightsaber AND/OR use of the force. We aim to help our students in the Order become better in ALL aspects of gameplay consisting of Force, Saber, & even weaponry/CTF play. So that you may defend yourself and excel in the JK2 community and have a fun experience in the process.
Feel free to check the Sith Order's ranks here, as they also state on how to rank up within the Order.:
I recommend you check the following here:
Sith Code -
Sith Rules -
General Rules -

I will test you ingame 3-5 duels of saber and 3-5 duels of force to determine your starting rank.
After dueling you in force and saber I beat you 3/3 in force and 3/3 in saber. But you show great promise, you kept a great attitude, and you learned/adapted quickly. Your place in the Sith Order is welcomed with open arms as a Sith Acolyte.

Duties with perspective rank
Sith Acolyte (SA) - When your master decides you are ready to move on from a mere apprentice you will be under him still; however you also have the option change masters. This is the period where you will be learning what's right and what's wrong sith wise, sith knowledge, sith ideals, YOUR sith personal ideals, and furthermore proving your loyalty and dedication to your Order. This period stresses beginning to branch out in meeting / forming other relationships with your fellow Order members and proving your commitment / activity levels on the server and on the forums. (1 week at the least, again once your master thinks you are ready, you may move on.)

i'm the new guy! Enomissrots
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i'm the new guy!
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