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 Hi, it's the french player !

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Hi, it's the french player !  Empty
PostSubject: Hi, it's the french player !    Hi, it's the french player !  Icon_minitimeFri May 10, 2013 1:56 pm


My name is Alex and i'm Corse, my pseudo is alexlecorse x)

I'm 16, 17 in no time. I'm in high school, I learned science. But I have a problem, I'm really bad in English ....

I played Star Wars when I was little with my dad. And yesterday I found the CD in an old drawer and I was homesick so I really want to play this game

Well I will not lie, my level in the game is really really bad ... But I'm ready to learn to play and be a good padawan!

Here I hope there are not too many mistakes because I'm really bad in English.

I want be a SITH !!!

See you in the game Jedi !
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Hi, it's the french player !  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hi, it's the french player !    Hi, it's the french player !  Icon_minitimeFri May 10, 2013 2:21 pm

Welcome alexlecorse! You've been active on the server! I'm glad to see you finally joining us, and directly, joining us on the Dark Side. I presume you'll serve your Sith Order well! >:]! JSO's main focus as a clan revolves around skill with a lightsaber AND/OR use of the force. We aim to help our students in the Order become better in ALL aspects of gameplay consisting of Force, Saber, & even weaponry/CTF play. So that you may defend yourself and excel in the JK2/JKA community and have a fun experience in the process.
Feel free to check the Sith Order's ranks here, as they also state on how to rank up within the Order.:
I recommend you check the following here:
Sith Code -
Sith Rules -
General Rules -

I will test you ingame 3-5 duels of saber and 3-5 duels of force to determine your starting rank.
After beating you in all 5 duels of saber and force I'd like to start you out as a Sith Apprentice (SAP) to let you grow and develop with the JK2 community as a whole before directly focusing on skill assets. Give it time and you will upgrade; however. Don't give up.

Duties with perspective rank
Sith Apprentice (SAP) - this is the first official rank of the Sith Order. You are now able to choose a "SITH MASTER" of your choice. You will be by his side at all times, anything you learn about the Sith it will be learned from him. Any questions you have you will concern them with him. This is not a training period, this is a period of befriending / forming a kinship between you and your Master. The Sith Order stresses a form of seclusion to an apprentice, he should be entitled/focused/only speaking to his Master, at an attempt to form a bond between student and Master early. (two weeks at the least, it is your masters decision whether or not you are ready for the next level)

Hi, it's the french player !  Enomissrots
Strength and Honor
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Hi, it's the french player !
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