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 ShadowBlood Back Again.

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PostSubject: ShadowBlood Back Again.   ShadowBlood Back Again. Icon_minitimeSat May 11, 2013 9:28 am

Hey all! I'm ShadowBlood. I was in the JO l SO back when it was the good old days Very Happy
I knew Onyx ( E-N-O-M-I-S-S ) , Lawliet, and some other fellows that i had the pleasure of working with. I was devastated when the Order Fell apart a few years ago... but i was so thrilled to hear that the Order Is now BACK and READY TO KICK ASS. Back then i was a pretty skilled and wise player On Jedi academy. But it's been a while, so i have to get back into the habits of things. Dont get me
wrong though. I still have much to learn, and still some knowledge to pass down.

RP wise i would normally be An Anti Sith ( Basically nuetral. Mostly good, but not full out) but It seems i am going to have to Pick The Light side as my ally.

* Note: I am actually studying here in russia for dance ( I am a professional dancer) so my internet will be laggy at times. So please bear with it for now. in the summers i shall be back in the states with my good ol fast internet Smile *

Contact: You can message me here on the forums, but i also have a steam and skype account. My steam is Catdog10 ( ) if you are close and want my skype, message me here or on Steam Smile

About me : I'm a very Friendly guy and have a great sense of humor. Im a pretty social guy so dont be shy Very Happy.
I absolutely LOVE Roleplay. When it comes to star wars, i am a complete Addict/ Geek. I remember reading alot of star war books/ Rewathching the movies/ Playing the games/ Reading the history and timeline of the star wars universe/ and especially Learning the codes of the light and dark. When it comes to star wars, im very knowledgeable about it. In real life if i had to be in the star wars universe, i would love to be a Mandalorian. I roleplayed In many games as Carthek/Carth Junarr. Black and red are my colors. Red being Honoring my roleplay mandalorian father and black being Justice. But in JO l SO i am no mandalorian. Well, I will have to update my character BIO at some time as a reply to this status, but for the time being i just would love to come back. I will have the Greatest Pleasure in working with all of you again or Starting to.


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ShadowBlood Back Again. Empty
PostSubject: Re: ShadowBlood Back Again.   ShadowBlood Back Again. Icon_minitimeSat May 11, 2013 9:49 am

It's good to see you returning to the JK2/JKA Star Wars scene! Thought I'd lost contact with you forever! How's the dancing going?
Not much has changed since you've been gone... Well except for new leadership on the Jedi Order, many new members, our own custom JK2 map "jsovil" or JSO Village still being upgraded nearly daily!, oh and obviously from this point our expansion to not only being/playing on JKA but also JKO!
Welcome back ShadowBlood! You've come to the right place! JSO's main focus as a clan revolves around skill with a lightsaber AND/OR use of the force. We aim to help our students in the Order become better in ALL aspects of gameplay consisting of Force, Saber, & even weaponry/CTF play. So that you may defend yourself and excel in the JK2 community and have a fun experience in the process.
Feel free to check the Jedi Order's ranks here, as they also state on how to rank up within the Order.:
I recommend you check the following here:
Jedi Code -
Jedi Rules -
General Rules -

Jedi Leader / Council Leader The Dude, will test you ingame of your skills in both Force & Saber to determine your starting rank within the Jedi Order.
In this special case I will be putting in good word with The DuDe about rank status. But ultimately ranking within the Jedi Order is chosen by either the Council as whole (which we don't have) and the Council Leader (TheDuDe). So it falls upon him to decide your ultimate starting rank. But know I'll put in a good front for you! Welcome back and I hope you enjoy your time now as you did back in the day!

ShadowBlood Back Again. Enomissrots
Strength and Honor
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ShadowBlood Back Again.
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