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 The Jedi Order Rules

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Jalus Kin
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Jedi Counselor

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PostSubject: The Jedi Order Rules   Wed Dec 23, 2009 4:57 pm

1) RESPECT and be LOYAL anyone HIGHER RANKED than YOU.
This means, even in name wise. Example: Master or Master Jalus.

2) Stay in character
Jedi are allowed to use any lightsaber color(s) except for the following lightsaber colors: Black, White, Red, and RGB Red's (Blood Red/example).
Jedi are only allowed to use Light Sided force powers.
You are a Jedi.

If you have questions, just ask in General Discussion. This will be edited depending on how these rules turn out, or wether more rules just need to be enforced. The default rules of the clan <~JSO~> still apply.
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The Jedi Order Rules
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