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 flux introduction

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Sith Trainee
Sith Trainee

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PostSubject: flux introduction   flux introduction Icon_minitimeSun May 19, 2013 12:30 am

Hi there! I'm Flux, . I'm from palestine im 16 years old , Enomis is my friend, i'd like to join this clan , thanks for everyone's support , i play jk2 and jka , my allegience to SO , if you wish to contact me this is my xfire : gorookentaro
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PostSubject: Re: flux introduction   flux introduction Icon_minitimeSun May 19, 2013 1:07 am

More than delighted to see you joining the ranks Flux! Your very kind and skill even with your high ping! I can't imagine how good you are with lower ping. Which is what sparks such an interest in me to have you joining us! Welcome Flux! JSO's main focus as a clan revolves around skill with a lightsaber AND/OR use of the force. We aim to help our students in the Order become better in ALL aspects of gameplay consisting of Force, Saber, & even weaponry/CTF play. So that you may defend yourself and excel in the JK2/JKA community and have a fun experience in the process.
Feel free to check the Sith Order's ranks here, as they also state on how to rank up within the Order.:
I recommend you check the following here:
Sith Code -
Sith Rules -
General Rules -

I will test you ingame 3-5 duels of saber and 3-5 duels of force to determine your starting rank.
After testing you ingame I beat 5-0 force and 3-2 on saber. Decided to start you at Sith Trainee (ST)!

Duties with perspective rank
Sith Trainee (ST) - first step into training, you must be ready to be known as a Sith Instructor/Adept. (3 weeks exact of training in ONE major you choose whether it be: saber, full force, or weaponry) (you will be ranked up when your superiors{higher ranked people in the Sith Order} believe you are ready to, in which a poll will be placed)

flux introduction Enomissrots
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flux introduction
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