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 Xieza's Biography

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PostSubject: Xieza's Biography   Xieza's Biography Icon_minitimeThu Mar 26, 2015 4:15 pm

Name/Alias: Xieza Blade
Sex/Gender: Male
Species/Race: Human
Age: 18
Alignment: Light
Caste/Area of Expertise: Training for Sentinel
Saber Specialization: learning Single and Staff
Homeworld: Mandalore
Characteristics: Blonde Hair, Blue-ish Green-ish eyes, Wears clothing similar to Cloud from FF, Has a set of Mandalorian armor

Xieza was born on the planet Mandalore to the warrior clan, Blade. The Blade clan has a long history of participating in major wars, including the Mandalorian Wars. Xieza learned many things from his clan, including: hunting, cooking, foraging, how to survive in the wilderness, and most importantly of all, how to fight. Xieza's childhood consisted of learning all of those things.

Once he became a teenager, he discovered that he was force sensitive. It didn't take long for his popularity to spread across Mandalore. The news of him being force sensitive had mixed reactions. Some Mandalorians liked it, some didn't, and many just didn't really care. Xieza, with his newly discovered force powers, continued to serve his clan.

Mandalore had dueling/fighting tournaments every month. The Blade clan, being the warrior type they are, made Xieza participate in most of the events. Xieza won most of them due to his force powers. Many rich and higher ranking Mandalorians began to dislike Xieza and his clan for this (Haters gonna hate).

Xieza's tournament victories led to a few conflicts between the Blade clan and the Vernado clan. The Vernado clan was a clan filled with warrior history, similar to the Blade clan. The only difference was that the Vernado clan had much more money and one of the clan members was ranked very high. The conflicts led to a small war between the two clans. This war caused the deaths of many clan members for both sides and lasted for a year. The war ended with a treaty due to both clans being slammed with losses. Xieza's force powers had a dark effect during the war. The powers he once had turned to darkness.

When Xieza turned 17, a Jedi Master visited Mandalore to try and negotiate to the Blade clan and Vernado Clan to stop their conflicts for good. This was when that Jedi Master found that Xieza had force powers and was putting off a dark aura. Since the Jedi Master was going to be staying for a few months to negotiate, he began to train Xieza. He taught Xieza to stay away from the Dark Side and to focus completely on the Light Side. They continued to train for four months.

It was finally time for the Jedi Master to return to the Jedi Council to report his mission's success. He decided to bring Xieza with him, with the permission of the Blade clan, of course. The Blade family allowed the Jedi Master to take Xieza and to train him as a Jedi.

It has now been a little while. Xieza is now 18 years old. He is a Padawan Initiate and hopes to continue his studies as a Jedi. The Jedi Master that brought Xieza in was killed in battle against an unknown individual, who is thought to be a Sith. Xieza is determined to rise in the rankings and discover more about the Sith threat.

Might add more to this as the RP goes on, but this is the introduction and backstory.

Xieza's Biography Bw2_zps017f3e92
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PostSubject: Re: Xieza's Biography   Xieza's Biography Icon_minitimeFri Mar 27, 2015 4:02 am

Interesting stuff man, a dark and troubling past to be sure Cool

How will the almighty Xieza Blade adjust from the war-ridden traditions of Mandalore to the peaceful, cautious doctrines of the Jedi?

ONLY TIME WILL TELL. *spooky voice*

Riveting tale, chap.  jocolor
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Xieza's Biography
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