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 Xieza's RP Map Finds

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Xieza's RP Map Finds Empty
PostSubject: Xieza's RP Map Finds   Xieza's RP Map Finds Icon_minitimeSat Apr 04, 2015 6:34 pm

1. Kamino

Download Link:;29228

This map looks just like the Kamino facility that Obi Wan Kenobi visited during Episode II. In fact, I'm pretty sure the map was based off of that. I think that this map would be a pretty good one timer for the RP that we are doing.

2. Coruscant Streets

Download Link:;33902

This map seems to be pretty big. I think that this map has some good RP potential when we get to Coruscant in the RP.

3. Episode 3 - Mustafar

Download Link:;86585

This map looks to be an excellent RP map. Imagine the possibilities that could happen here.

4. Twilight on Tatooine

Download Link:;41655

This map looks pretty cool. A good RP map if we find ourselves on Tatooine at some facility.

5. Kashyyyk

Download Link:;46344

This is a simple map that could be interesting in the RP.

6. Trade Federation Battleship

Download Link:;97036

Another good map for the RP. This map could be used before an invasion in the RP, or any other thing that would suite it.

Maybe more maps to come to the list. I only suggested these for them to be one timers or so for our RP.

Xieza's RP Map Finds Bw2_zps017f3e92
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Xieza's RP Map Finds
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