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 Finn's Character Bio

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PostSubject: Finn's Character Bio   Finn's Character Bio Icon_minitimeTue Jan 19, 2016 3:03 pm

Username/Nick: Finnbro
Full Name: Finn Atla
Sex/Gender: Male
Species/Race: Human
Age: 33
Alignment: Light side
Class: Jedi Knight/Mercenary
Areas of Expertise: Saber, guns, and melee combat, movement based force
Areas of Weakness: Effect based force, offense based force
Saber Specialization: Single
Homeworld: Unknown
Characteristics: Tall, long dark hair, light-blue colored saber, armor-plated robes

Description: Finn was taken away from his family by the Empire at a young age to be trained for an Imperial experimental special forces program.  His genes matched the top 90% of developmental characteristics the Empire looked for in choosing future members of this particular special forces team.  He was trained in martial arts and gun combat from a young age, but years of exposure to the Empire's ways created resentment in Finn's impressionable adolescent mind.  He decided to act out in ways that would upset the Empire, and endured physical beatings from his Imperial superiors to reinforce his point.  At age 18, Finn was dismissed from the Imperial Academy and ex-communicated from the Empire entirely.  Left without a purpose in life, or a connection to any person in the galaxy, Finn drifted from planet to planet until he could find someone to give him a ride to the Outer Rim.  Caught in a life-threatening situation, Finn was rescued by a Jedi Master and brought to the Jedi Temple for healing and therapy.  After consulting with Finn over time, the Jedi Master discovered he was force-sensitive. He took Finn under as his apprentice and trained him over a decade to become a Jedi Knight, utilizing Finn's physical-focused combat approach in a way that combined the power of the Force and technical combat skills.


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Finn's Character Bio
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