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 Noway's Biography

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PostSubject: Noway's Biography   Noway's Biography Icon_minitimeTue Apr 07, 2015 8:19 pm

Name: Noway
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Age: 25
Alignment: Light
Caste: Guardian
Saber Specialization: Single
Homeworld: N/A
Characteristics: Wise, patient, smart, prudent, open-minded.

Background info:
When Noway was a child he met a Jedi master who was on a quest chasing a group of mercenaries that had stolen something valuable from the Jedi Order.
While the Jedi was taking a little rest in the forest he felt he was being observed by someone. He told him to get closer and they talked a bit. By now the master could sense that force was strong with the child so he took the decision to take the boy with him after he finished his mission. He got the permission from the father of Noway to take him and they left.
Noway was really excited about this but a little scared as well. When they arrived, Noway was introduced to the others few kids who were in the same situation that him. Finnbro was one of those. They were trained together (not by the same master of course) and little by little they became the closest friends.
Nowadays they are Jedi knights trying to reach the master rank and help with the training of the youngest ones too.

Do not fear failure, for we shall succeed... or fail gloriously!
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Noway's Biography
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