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 The Member ID Thread

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The Member ID Thread Empty
PostSubject: The Member ID Thread   The Member ID Thread Icon_minitimeFri Mar 19, 2010 1:58 am

Just guess what this thread is about.
If you somehow managed to guess wrong, hopefully you'll get it by reading the thread.
If you're not on here (you're probably not on here), just make a topic with your various screen names and stuff. Don't worry, I'll probably read it.

<~JSO~> Steam Group Page:

Enomiss - √\/¡çқε∂ (
Lawliet - interminableArrow
TheDuDe - From.Unimpressive
Xieza - Tannerbrookswho
AEther - XJstormheart
Finnbro - Finnbro
Diablo - Korey4 (
Raiden -  
Xeneth -
Statistic - myime (with a picture saying Souron Souroff)
Noway -
Vicair - (CRP)Vicair
Raison/Cruelfire -
inZert -
Wolfy -
Aves -

Any suggestions? Feel free to post them.

Grr kill stab grr stab kill kill grr stab
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The Member ID Thread
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